ZIBRU.COM is a store that can make your most cherished dreams come true!

We are a good fairy who will put various models of alternative shoes under your pillow. We are a full-time Father Christmas and our gnomes tell us everything - we know what you dream about.

Our aim is to fill the gap in the availability of alternative shoes on the European market.

If, just like we once did, you are endlessly on the lookout for foreign alternative brands at reasonable prices and are afraid of delivery from the other side of the world - then we are here for you! It is up to us to supply our warehouses with products from across the seas and oceans. All you have to do is make your purchase and get your order straight from Poland.

And if you prefer local products, our private pride - Altercore - is awaiting you in the "Brands" tab.


Feel yourself at home - we invite you to explore the furthest depths of our shop. Maybe there is something there that will steal your heart!

Our office and warehouses are located in Gdańsk. From there, we send our email correspondence, answer your questions by phone and via our social media. This is where your orders are packed and where we take care to make you as happy as possible.